With Data

An effective social inclusion for young people in the future world requires broadening the notion of digital literacy, including not only technical skills, but also cognitive and social-emotional skills. These skills are necessary to promote new forms of citizen participation and became particularly relevant to reflect about local/global issues in the context of Covid-19.

Within this framework, the Data Literacy project encourages intervention and research in the secondary schools of Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Santiago de Chile consisting of skill development workshops to access, interpret, critically evaluate, and manage data with an ethical sense. 

This site aims at documenting the work experience and providing useful resources to teachers and students to integrate the work with data in their teaching and learning proposals.

Project financed by the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) and the Ceibal Centre Foundation for the Study of Digital Technologies in Education within the framework of the program “Digital inclusion: education with new horizons” from the Education Sector Fund.


We make part of the material available so that other educational or non-educational institutions may have a repository to replicate this experience.